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How much synthesizer we realy need???

In this section i try to show "what is possible with only one Synthesizer". Some demos i realized simply in naturally multimode, played from Logic sequencer and simply recording as stereofile (example: Esi4000). Some other synthesizer not incloudes multimode. There i created for any instrument a stereo audiotrack in Logic and final bounced in one file(example: Yamaha TX-7). Another reason for multitrack: It makes possible to show the the unheared real power of a synthesizer!
Some synthesizer not inclouds internal FX-processor. There i often realized delays with Midi, inside the sequences. With panning it makes best stereodelays. Some Reverbs i simulated with special envelopes at sounddesign (example: Waldorf XT).

Funny was some blindtests with user. There was comes sometimes crazy answers, they called most expensives synthesizers for some cheap synthesizer (example: Yamaha AN1x) ;) ...
Ok, not to big words - some demos are poor, old, first demos .. (example: Yamaha SY77). A big synthesizer like SY77 inclouds and shows much more power than i show in my demo. In 1998 i was to stupid for right FM-sounds. In 2003 with Korg 707 was come the first idea to make a synth-pure-demo. Again, i'll try to make again new demos with (i hope) unbelivable sounds :)

This page will say you one message:

If cheap or expensive, work with your synthesizer and you always will enjoy the big sound!!!
Audiotracks in Logic for YS200 Demo II

 Casio VZ-1
Casio VZ-1 :Trance - 3:17: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Emu Esi4000 (+ Esi2000)
Emu Esi32, Esi2000 & Esi4000 :Test - 4:26: Multimode, FX by Yamaha FX900
 Emu Morpheus
Emu Morpheus :Morpheus - 6:44: Multimode, simply pure!
 Evolution EVS-1
Evolution EVS-1 :Evolution - 6:14: Multitrack, simply pure!
:Sequenced - 1:43: Multimode, FX by Yamaha FX900
GEM WS2 Midi Workstation Arranger Expander :WS2_Mix - 2:46: Multimode, simply pure!
:Trance - 4:09: Multimode, Bassdrum by Emu Esi4000
 Jomox Air Base 99
Jomox Air Base 99 :Air_Bass - 3:38: Multitrack, later Sounds by Emu Esi4000
 Kawai GMega
Kawai GMega & K11 :Birds - 1:18: Multimode, Birds plays audio-CD
 Kawai K3
Kawai K3 :Ambient - 1:29: Multitrack, simply pure!
:Ambient II - 1:15: Multitrack, simply pure!
:Ambient III - 2:16: Multitrack, FX by Logic
 Kawai K5000S
Kawai K5000S :Only - 2:11: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Korg 707
Korg 707 :Pure - 2:00: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Korg DS-8
Korg DS-8 :Pure_1 - 4:39: Multitrack, simply pure!
:Pure_2 - 1:09: Multitrack, simply pure!
:Pure_3 - 2:58: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Korg M1 (+ M1R)
Korg M1 :M1 - 3:12: Multitrack, simply pure!
:mone - 5:05: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Korg Poly 61
Korg Poly61 :Trance - 2:27: Multitrack, FX by Yamaha FX900
 Nanoloop on Android
Nanoloop on Android SE X10 Xperia Mini Pro :First Jam - 6:12: Internal Sequencer pure!
 Quasimidi Raven Maxx
Quasimidi Raven Max :Maxx - 4:50: Multimode, simply pure!
 Roland Alpha Juno 2 (+ Alpha Juno 1)
Roland Alphajuno 1 & 2 & MKS-50 :Alpha_2 - 4:37: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Roland Juno-60 (JU-60)
Roland Juno-60 (JU-60) :Trance - 5:53: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Sony Ericsson T300
Sony Ericsson T300 :Trancer - 1:38: Midifile/Multimode, simply pure!
:Ring - 1:46: Midifile/Multimode, simply pure!
 Waldorf Attack VST
Waldorf Attack VST v.1.2.2 :Acid - 3:09: pure, limiter by Logic
:Earthquake - 3:56: simply pure!
 Waldorf Microwave XT (+ Microwave 2)
Waldorf Microwave XT :XT-Files - 4:36: Multitrack, simply pure!
:Digipure - 2:17: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Yamaha AN1x
Yamaha AN1x :AN1X-Files - 5:00: Multitrack, simply pure!
:AN1x_dry - 5:03: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Yamaha DSR-2000
Yamaha DSR-2000 :80s Style - 3:38: Multitrack, simply pure!
:Multitimbral - 4:02: Multitimbral, simply pure!
 Yamaha DX7II-D (+ DX7II-FD)
Yamaha DX7II-D :Techno - 2:39: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Yamaha PSR-36
Yamaha PSR-36 :Trance - 3:19: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Yamaha PSR-350
Yamaha PSR-350 :Ambient - 4:52: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Yamaha SY77 (+ TG77)
Yamaha SY77 :SY77 - 3:23: Multimode, simply pure!
 Yamaha TX-7 (+ DX7)
Yamaha TX7 :Trance - 4:10: Multitrack, simply pure!
:Strange - 3:45: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Yamaha V2 / DX11
Yamaha V2 DX11 :Lazy - 2:04: Multitrack, simply pure!
 Yamaha YS200
Yamaha YS200 :YS200 - 6:00: Multitrack, simply pure!
:Trance - 6:40: Multitrack, simply pure!

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