Recording a 45rpm Maxisingle with 33rpm
The idea:

My idea was to record a 45rpm Maxisingle with 33 1/3rpm. In my minds I thinked that I while recording with slower 33rpm catch more music than with 45rpm. With Steinberg Wavelab I will simply pitch to 135% speed. Maybe it will be the better recording than simply with 45rpm???

Today I made this experiment and will show you the differences between this two recordings. For this job I searched a simply victim, not perfect, not to bad. It's a track of the Maxisingle "Pet Shop Boys - How can ... seriously". Equipment: Technics SL-1210mkII with Ortofon Concorde Nightclub E. In this comparsion I normalized the two files to same RMS-Value. In this step I saw the first difference - the 45rpm file was 0,5dB louder than the pitched 33 1/3rpm file. I was wondered about the perfect sync of both files.

Now the result:

You'll good hear the differences between the two files. What you search in the pitched file is the transparency in the high frequencies. My current statement: "Forget it, record your Vinyl in original 45rpm - it makes the best result"!.

Below you find the two spectrumanalysis whichs show you the big differences. Also you can hear the two files. mp3-download is enought quality for this experiment ;)
Voxengo Span show the Spectrum the 33 1/3rpm  to 45rpm pitched file
:play 33rpm to 45rpm calculated version:
Voxengo Span show the Spectrum of the 45rpm file
:play 45rpm version:

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